Volunteers helped keep the free areas free and concert ticket prices low ensuring the festival was accessible to everyone. The festival logged approximately 800 volunteer hours over three days every year.

Festival Leadership The Foothills Fall Festival is operated by a Managing Committee and Area Committees. The outstanding leadership provided by our volunteers and city service staff is critical to the festival's success. *Some leadership members are not listed.


Mark Bailes
Backstage Logistics
Community Volunteer

David Boring
Event Security
City of Maryville

Chris Clark
Food Vendor Coordinator
Community Volunteer

Patti Clevenger
Adventure Land Coordinator
Community Volunteer
Cookie Crowson
Theater Volunteer & Operations Coordinator
*Original Founding Committee, Community Volunteer

Glenda Ennen
Adventure Land Volunteer Coordinator
Community Volunteer

Barbara Jenkins
Sponsor Appreciation Hospitality Coordinator
Community Volunteer

Jackie North
"Z-Team" (Festival Transportation) Coordinator
Community Volunteer
Darrel Pharris
Grounds, Build-out, Facilities Coordinator
City of Maryville

Sherri Phillips
Finance Manager; Theater Operations Manager
City of Maryville

John Tereshko
ArtWay Coordinator
Community Volunteer


Adventure Land Leadership

ArtWay Leadership

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