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Know Before You Go.

General Admission Seating

Reserved Seating

Will Call

Scanning your ticket

Re-entry and Wristbands

Lines for Gates

Prohibited Items

Meeting Artists & Policy

General Admission Seating

Seating is General Admission (First Come, First Served) unless you purchase a reserved seat.

Children 8 & Under are free with adult

Your ticket is good for ALL THREE DAYS! Please keep your ticket in a safe place to avoid accidentally losing or washing it. We cannot be responsible for lost, stolen, eaten, washed or otherwise damaged tickets.

Bring a regular sized folding lawn chair (most people bring the canvas, bagged style).

Do not bring oversized chairs or chairs with footrests or coverings (you will not be able to use them in the theater.) 

Chairs are available to rent for a small fee if you do not have one or do not want to carry one.

Blankets are not allowed for seating except for on the hill behind the creek. Your ticket reserves the amount of space a chair would require (or standing room only). Blankets may not be spread on the ground to save more space. If you are sitting in the theater, you must be sitting on a chair. 

Chairs cannot be left in the theater overnight.

 Reserved Seating

Chairs are provided in the reserved seating section. You will have an assigned seat located on your ticket. Please keep your ticket stub with you at all times when leaving/ entering the reserved section. Everyone in reserved seating MUST have a ticket including children.

Will Call (Ticket pick-up)

Will Call is ONLY located at the "Main Entrance" which is located on Church Ave near the Ruby Tuesday Corporate Headquarters. Will call opens one hour before gates open each day.

For your convenience, bus transportation from Foothills Mall will be provided to this location.

Note: If you want to hold your place in line but need to pick up will call tickets, you can do so by having someone in your party stay in line while you go pick up your will call tickets when will call opens that day.

If you have reserved tickets, you will not need to get in line early, your seat will be permanent in the theater whenever you arrive.

Scanning your ticket

At the gate, your ticket will be scanned. A valid scan will only be possible once each day. It is important that you keep your ticket safe since it will be your access into the theater all weekend.

Re-entry and Wristbands

After your ticket is scanned, you will receive a wristband at the gate. You must wear the wristband in order to leave/ enter (and must have it inside the theater at all times)

Your wristband becomes your ticket once you enter the gate. Lost or stolen wristbands cannot be replaced. If you do not have a wristband, you will need to purchase another one (but if the festival is sold out, there will be none to purchase.) Guard your wristband!

Lines for Gates

Some Guests choose to stay in line overnight in order to score the stage front seats. If you choose to “camp out” please be prepared for the following:

NEW PROCEDURES in effect 2013: A stamp will be issued during the overnight hours at a randomly selected time each night/ morning. Anyone who is in line at the time this stamp is distributed will be permitted to re-enter the line after leaving. Anyone who missed the stamping time period will have to go to the end of the line. No one will be permitted to "cut line" after the stamps are distributed. If a friend is attempting to hold chairs for others who do not wait in line and did not get the stamp, the friend will have to get the chairs in the venue on his/her own. No one will be allowed (without a stamp) to join the line even if a friend was "holding" a spot. We will not allow space holding.

Be prepared for the weather. If it is cold, be sure to bring lots of extra clothing/ blankets, if it is hot, be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Ponchos are good in case of sprinkles. In East Tennessee, we might have all in the same day!

Bring your chair. Don’t bring your mattress! You will be on sidewalks and pathways must be kept clear.

Prior to gate opening, festival staff will begin wrist banding everyone who is in line. You will need to be present when staff reaches your section in order to receive your wristband.

You cannot reserve a space for other people. 

The following is prohibited in the Theater:

Oversized chairs

Chairs with footrests or overhead covers

Blankets for seating except on the hill behind the creek

Alcohol (it is not allowed or sold on property)

Smoking (there is a designated smoking area)

Video cameras or other recording devices (still photos are usually allowed)


Pets (only service animals will be allowed – please see festival security)

Umbrellas cannot be open in the theater (in the event of rain, please bring a poncho, rain gear, or like protection)

Bikes, Wagons, Scooters, Skateboards, Rollerblades/ Roller Skates, or any other device deemed by festival staff as unsafe or negative to other Guests’ experience.


Outside food and drink (drinks not allowed at the gates, but food court items are allowed as you leave and enter)


For Your Convenience and Comfort

Baby Care Area (located in the Adventure Land areas and at Broadway United Methodist Church.)

Changing Station for Guests with Disabilities (Located at the concert area in the food court.)

First Aid (In the Concert area, located in the Pavilion. See the information booths in other festival areas for Emergency assistance.)

ATMs (Located on Broadway at First Tennessee Bank, and at CBBC bank)

Festival Merchandise (Located on Broadway in the ArtWay, and at the Concerts area)

Chair Rental (Located at the pavilion inside the concert area.)

Lost and Found (Located at the information booths of each festival area.)


Meeting Entertainers

Each entertainer has a different policy on meeting fans. Some will sign autographs in the entertainer merchandise area before or after their show. Some will offer access to their fan club members. We recommend visiting your favorite artists’ websites to see if there are special instructions on how to meet the artist. The festival does not provide this service.

Note: All times are subject to change. The City of Maryville and the Foothills Fall Festival reserve the right to change times and performers for three day festival. There are no refunds or exchanges. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. The City of Maryville reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person violating festival rules, local, state or federal law or whose conduct is deemed illegal, disorderly or offensive by staff. Persons entering Festival area are subject to search for contraband, alcohol, controlled substances, weapons, firearms, fireworks, video equipment and recording devices, which are expressly forbidden and subject to confiscation.


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