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Accessible Seating & Gate

Our general admission accessible seating area is designed to provide easy access for our Guests with Disabilities. Please note that the space is limited and in order to accommodate all our Guests, is strictly reserved for Guest and one companion. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. All Guests must have a ticket.

In order to allow Guests with disabilities the opportunity to get into their seats comfortably, that section will be opened 15 minutes before the gates open and Guests may enter the designated location at that time. You will not be allowed to enter any other seating areas of the festival grounds early. If you prefer to sit in another location besides the designated area, you will need to enter at the normal gate opening time.

If there are many people in your party and you would prefer to sit together, we recommend utilizing the paved walkways to find a good accessible spot.

Wheelchair accessible seating is available in the reserved seating section. These are end row seats which can be removed for wheelchair placement. Please notify us in advance if you require the wheelchair space so that we can prepare before your arrival.


Our accessible shuttles will drop off and pick up at the food court in theater in the park. This is not a drop off/ pick up that will accommodate Guests other than those with disabilities or difficulty walking. There is a special gate located at the food court for Guests with disabilities.

At any time, if you need additional assistance, please see a security team member or public safety team member who are available to help you.

Please contact us at least two weeks before the festival if you require other special assistance.


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