This has been a family event for years. My mom and dad always went together. My dad passed away 8years ago and mom was hesitant about going without him. It was bitterly cold that year I remember. She was having an ok time but when this one group came (I can't remember their name now)she really perked up. One member of the group, he was a bit heavy and had on overalls, was really moving and shaking his thing!,!mom made a comment about how much she enjoyed their performance. I was able to relay that information and some of moms history to them. Imagine her surprise and shock when they came and got her to go back stage for an unplanned meet and greet. My mom passed on herself this year so this will be a bittersweet festival for my son and I. Not only is this the last festival, it is the last of a family tradition. Thanks to everyone for all the years of good times and memories.
- Sharon Tiller